Summer-time and the livin’ is ???

  1. Easy?
  2. Busy?
  3. Fun?
  4. All of the above!

This Island has an ABUNDANCE of stuff to do, and it’s pretty much year-round. That was one of the reasons we moved here (and yeah maybe because it is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on earth.) We are known to comment, “There is JUST TOO MUCH to do!!!” If we never even left the Island, we could keep ourselves busy and entertained forever.


Sometimes we get stuck in a groove that’s more like a rut. We get caught up in a bit too much drudgery and not enough FUN! You know, the absorbing, mundane day-to-day stuff of life: laundry, meal prep, cleaning house, weeding, doing dishes, and paying bills. We find that we have put off getting some of the larger projects around the property done, too. Fun Island-style activities present themselves and we don’t take the time-out to enjoy them thinking, “Oh maybe next time.”

Thank heavens when Summer and the House-guests arrive!!

There’s something about Summer-time on our Island – people like to come visit us. And we are so glad they do.

We hurry through the usual housekeeping frenzy with a speed not seen all Winter, finish up projects that have lagged for months, and then eagerly await a procession of friends and family. We find ourselves slurping up as much as we can of what the Island and local area has to offer; some of it with our guests and some of it even on our own.

It’s so energizing, we are shaking our heads wondering why do we wait for Summer and “company” to come?!  We are vowing to keep up the pace til we drop!

So what’s kept us so busy this season?

Mah Jongg Edible Garden Tour Rummage Sale Croquet – Visiting the Islander – Mike & Diane’s “pond hour” (adult bevs & feeding the fish) Shooting Darts Karaoke in our Tiki RoomHanging out at Sunset Beach Walking the 7 mile loop Visiting the Saturday Market Fishing Whale Watching Visiting Friday Harbor Pizza at the Beach Store Café Wine Tasting French Lessons Wine Tasting Lessons Lunch at the TapRootWalking the Labyrinth Visiting Church BeachBumblin’ in the Rambler Visiting Sister’s Gift Shop

(and that’s just what I can remember!)

Edible Garden Tour – Nancy’s Fantastic Greenhouse Tomatoes

Edible Garden Tour – Point Migley Coast Guard Marker in Henry’s extraordinary yard

Our “Ride” – Tammy arriving to take me and BFF Susie “bumblin in our PJ’s”

Susie and Dean at the Market

Russ and Susie on Sunset Beach – Nicest Day of Summer 8/20/11

One of about 846 fish that Dean caught

A message that I was sure Russ left and Susie was sure Dean left – NO DICE!
Oh well – it’s a lovely sentiment anyway!


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