OMG! What Have I Become?!

I looked down with alarm!

YIKES, I was “evolving”…

My husband did mention a concern when we retired and moved to the Pacific North West – he would prefer that I not take up the somewhat relaxed grooming habits of what he called a certain type of “Pacific North West Woman.”

It’s just that this particular flavor of natural beauty isn’t really his favorite (especially for me.) You know the look:  furry legs and pits, toenails that have never known the joy of bright, hot pink polish, grizzeled-grey out-of-control hair; bushy eyebrows and no makeup for sure?

He likes me to look a little more on the “girly” side.  When we first met, I “dressed” for work in a tech company sales office.  Nice hair cut, beautiful manicure, clothes from Nordstrom, great shoes and of course, stockings (ugh!)  Unwittingly, I fear I set his expectations that I’d always shoot for “tres chic!”

These days I kind of miss the mark …

So here I was this afternoon, sitting in the yard, soaking up the ever elusive-but-now-FINALLY-shining SUN.  I was contemplating the indentations winding around my legs from tight sock elastic, and my oh-so-stickery legs (how long has it been since I shaved? Well –  maybe the last time they saw SUN!?)  And YES, as a matter of fact, I DID have polish on my toes, but it was chipped and the nails grown out and needed trimming – oh yuck!  Mosquito bites polka dotting my legs accentuated the look!

Earlier this morning, I was ever-so-stylin’ in brown wool socks, blue Keen sneakers, black stained sweatpants, three layers of grey tank top, eggplant corduroy shirt, and red polar-fleece parka.  Makeup?  Ha!  Hair – it was just going to get all blown around anyhow.  You get the picture: practical.  I was perfectly dressed  for dog walking on the Island, and since my man was over on the mainland, he wouldn’t even notice.

But later, after  walking the dog and doing how-many-loads-of-laundry, the dog and I noticed that THE SUN WAS OUT!  We raced out into the backyard to bask, and after about 10 minutes of cooking in its warm shine, I raced back in to change into shorts and flip-flops and shed the top two layers of corduroy and fleece.

I grabbed a beer and didn’t even notice the time.  I was ever  so surprised to see his truck pull up, just as I was noticing my grooming faux pas.  Caught in all my slovenly glory, I explained how very busy I’d been today…

I will be treating myself this evening to what I call “CatSpa” – soaking, shaving, washing, buffing, polishing, etc. to create a cleaner, more polished version of me that he (and well yes, WE) prefer!

Time to turn on the music, run a nice hot bubble bath, and soak in my nice deep tub….

Ahhhh!  Sometimes I just love being a girl!


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